"Mr. Biscuits"

BiColor Red -White Mackerel Tabby

Exotic Longhair Persian Male Kitten

DOB 7-1-22

PurrDelites - New Sire 

"Red and White Mackerel 

Tabby Male "

Future Sire for PurrDelites

"Mr. Biscuits"

Bi-Color Exotic Longhair Persian Male Kitten

Red Mackerel and White Tabby 

This kitten is absolutely adorable with a cute Doll Face look!

He has the characteristics and beauty of the highly sought after Persian!

His coat is is long and is amazingly soft,

mink texture and free flowing !

He is a Bi-Color gem with a rich red mackerel tabby

accented with white!      How beautiful!

He has soft, expressive eyes that gives him a sweet - cute look!

A real gem!

His eyes are predicted to be a brilliant copper color!   

 His dam is "Blueberry Delite" imported to the USA is a rare diluted Blue Patch Tabby (Calico) Exotic Shorthair!

His sire is a snow white male Persian with a mink texture coat who is

bred by TinyPersians!

CFA Exotic Shorthair - Longhair cats