CFA Exotic Shorthair - Longhair cats

"Name to come"

White Exotic Shorthair Persian Male Kitten

A snow white Exotic Persian Shorthair male kitten available!

This little guy has an extra soft mink textured coat that is easy to care for!

He has an adorable Persian type -face that is highly sought after!

This boy is certainly a pleasure to have around!

He is alert, playful, baths and grooms well!

One of these kittens that is never a mess!  He just stays beautiful!

He has pink leather paw pads and a pink nose

If you would like a special male kitten that is lovely in every way!

Reserve him today!

His dam - "Blueberry Delite" imported is a rare diluted Blue Patch Tabby (Calico)!

His sire is a snow white Persian with one blue eye and a mink texture coat! ​

Available !

White Exotic Shorthair Persian Male Kitten

DOB 7-1-22

Available !