CFA Exotic Shorthair - Longhair cats

"Funny Face"

Black Exotic Shorthair Persian Female Kitten

A coal black Exotic Persian Shorthair female kitten!

Black kittens are known for their silky and soft coats that are shiny as can be!

"Funny Face" has a super soft, mink textured coat that is unbelievable !

Her face is the most adorable, perfect face!

You just want to laugh looking at her! 

She has a well structured nose and expressive eyes!

She is full of the dickens!  Playful, smart and gorgeous all together with a personality you are sure to love!!

Reserved by Presley - Texas USA

Her dam - "Blueberry Delite" is a rare diluted Blue Patch Tabby (Calico)!

Her sire is a snow white Persian with one blue eye and a mink texture coat! ​

Reserved - departs 9-12-22

Black Exotic Shorthair Persian Female Kitten

DOB 7-1-22

Reserved for Presley!