"Not named yet"

He is beautiful as can be, regal nantured and very sweet!

Oreo Delite 2023 Litter

No Named Yet

Parti-Color Tabby EXOTIC PERSIAN Shorthair Male  

Photos taken August 2023

This little guy has a sweet personality,  playful, alert and smart! 

Born in 2023 


He has a gorgeous mink textured Bi-Color coat that is ever soft and shiney

with multiple tabby shaded colors of Golden, Cream, Black, White !

He has white boot markings, a white tummy and white on his face and chest!

His mackerel tabby markings is stunning to look at!

He has a perfect Persian doll face look! 

His eyes are predicted to be a copper-golden color!

​Sire:   The Snow Prince  - Dam:   Oreo Delite




" Boots Delite "

#1  White EXOTIC PERSIAN Male  "Not Named"   AVAILABLE
#2  Parti-Color Multi-Color Tabby EXOTIC PERSIAN  Male  Nickname "Boots"  

#1  White EXOTIC PERSIAN  Male  photo taken August 2023  

 " Not named yet!"    AVAILABLE

This lovely boy has a snow white mink textured coat that is ever soft, with a medium length coat!

He is very sweet, regal natured, has odd eyes

with one blue eye like dad and a gold eye like mom!

His face is balanced and beautiful as can be!

Odd eyed (1 blue eye and the other eye a gold color! ) 

DOB 2023

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CFA Exotic Shorthair - Longhair cats

Oreo Delite 2023 Litter

Sired by The Snow Prince

Two (2) Exotic Persian Kittens!

 His sire is the  "The Snow Prince" an Persian (Longhair) which as has a snow white coat

that is ever so silky, soft and easy to care for!

 His dam is Oreo Delite an Exotic Persian Shorthair is a special lady!  Sweet and always easy to care for!