2020 Exotic Shorthair litter !

Satin Lover 

Exotic Shorthair Sire

DOB July 2019

Black Sire   

This boy was chosen due to his extraordinary eye color, small ears and round correct Exotic face. His coat is coal black and with a satin texture - smooth - shiny !    He is short and cobby with a extra short tail, very sweet and all personality.  He will be producing kittens for 2020 litters !   Watch for his litters bred to Oreo Delite (Dam) and Blueberry Delite (Dam)

< His full brother has a mackerel tabby pattern.  If you like this  mackerel tabby coat look, watch for "Satin Lover's" 2020 litters!   Choose from Solids, PartiColors, Tabbies. Brown Patch Tabby and White (Calico) Exotic Shorthair and Longhair  kittens !   Reserve today to take home that special kitten look you prefer !


Blueberry Delite 

DOB 2018

White - Creme' - Blue  Patch Dilute (Calico)

Exotic Shorthair Dam 

Blueberry Delite is all personality and quite the character !  She is playful, extra smart as she can automatically start interactive feline toys !

Her coat pattern is stunning and depicts royalty as she possesses beautiful dilute blue tones, creme and brilliant Snow White fur!   Her face is round and correct. Her sire is a black and white Exotic Shorthair and her name is a white and creme dilute Van patterned Exotic Shorthair.  DNA PKD Negative tested

Her first litter has arrived sired by

CFA black Persian Sire - Onyx of Eden 

"Hearts of Fire"   Nickname: Vegas
Exotic Shorthair Sire

DOB April  2019

Red Mackerel Tabby and White  Sire   

This boy was chosen as he is an outstanding BiColor with

stunning large round eyes with a rich copper-golden eye color, round and short Exotic face !  His coat is a clean Snow White color accent with a Red Mackerel Tabby pattern.  He is ultra sweet which will carry on to his kittens and will be an excellent cross to Blueberry Delite (Dam) and Candy Kisses Delite (Dam).   He will be producing kittens for 2020 litters !

<  Onyx of Eden sired this lovely Exotic Longhair black and white BiColor male kitten

DOB 5-9-20

Thank you TinyPersians

for having our lovely dam BlueBerry Delite be bred to your black Persian sire;

"Onyx of Eden" 

Candy Kisses Delite 

DOB 2018

White - Red - Black Tabby Patch (Dominate Calico)

Exotic Shorthair Dam

This young lady as extraordinary large eyes of rich gold color.  Her face is round and flat just like it should be !

She is dainty and all lady !   Candy Kisses Delite is much loved !   Her coat color consists of dominate shades of Red Mackerel and Black tabby along with a clean Snow White accent !    DNA PKD Negative tested

Watch for her upcoming litters bred to a CFA black Persian Sire - Onyx of Eden - Hermes of PurrPlatinum 

Dams and Sires

CFA Exotic Shorthair - Longhair cats


Oreo Delite

DOB 2018

Black / White BiColor

Exotic Shorthair Dam

Oreo Delite was chosen as black and white and solid black Exotic Shorthairs are often sought after.  Her coat color being a clean white and coal black color is beautiful with her BiColor pattern possessing over 50% white !    Oreo has a correct round face and stunning rich eye color.  She is ever so sweet !  

DNA PKD Negative tested

Watch for her upcoming 2020 litter bred to Satin Lover

Onyx of Eden

DOB 2016

Coal Black Solid CFA 100% Persian   Sire   

This lovely boy is ultra sweet and is an excellent cross to Blueberry Delite.  DNA PKD Negative tested

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​Retired July 2020 - Satin Lover replacing Onyx of Eden for a breeding sire - Retired July 2020

We have offspring thanks to TinyPersians in Texas !

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